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We, at RTI Guru, discover precise office and pay government fees using the best method of payment. We send your RTI application through registered post or speed post or online options with all necessary attachments so that you can easily file RTI online against central govt. or state government. You can submit an RTI request and check RTI Online Status.

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At RTI Guru, our lawyers are experts at processing RTI form online, so you don’t have to worry about complaints. Simply File RTI request form, submit your RTI application form, and consider your case at the top of the government’s queue. RTI Guru helps you file RTI Online related to issuing passports, income tax refunds, and other RTI issues.

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Easily file RTI Online through our online RTI webportal. File Right To Information (RTI) in Just 3 Steps:
1. Just fill RTI Application form online through RTI Login Page
2. RTI expert will draft your RTI Applications and send it to you for approval. You can check RTI online status.
3. Receive information within 30 / 45 days


I have filed an RTI through the RTIGuru and have found them to be very helpful for the maiden applicants. It's almost six weeks since I filed it. 99% customer satisfaction rate :)

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I have filed an RTI application through the RTI Guru and have found them to be very helpful for the maiden applicants. It's almost 8 weeks since I filed it, but haven't received any reply from anyone


Managing director
Your Team is provides good service. You read each and every mail received and provide precious suggestions. The Team is committed to dedication. You are doing a Great job!

Sanjeev Soni

Thank you very much for your service and support I hope I get required information from the concern department! RTI Application No: 155670450584807

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RTI Applicant
Thank you for your quick response. This make you trustable...need to send information on first query by customer.

Vaibhav Pradhan

RTI Applicant
Rtiguru helped me a lot in file RTI online application. I wanted to file the Online RTI Application against the central government, They drafted my application in a well-mannered way.

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rti online second appeal or complaint rbi rti online india

RBI RTI Online

of India is a public authority as defined in the Right to Information Act, 2005. As such, the Reserve Bank of India is obliged to provide information to members of the public.

The Reserve Bank of India has a setup correspondence strategy. Under this, the Reserve Bank of India consistently delivers data and information on the Indian economy, banking, and money. It delivers the data and information at ordinary periodicity – every day, week after week, month to month, quarterly, six month to month, and yearly. What's more, it additionally releases information, as and when required, through occasional publications, such as, studies and reports.

The Reserve Bank additionally puts in the public domain its guidelines identifying with banking, fund, unfamiliar trade, and other related subjects. Further, the Reserve Bank additionally scatters data, particularly of general enthusiasm, through day by day public statements.

In case you have a complaint against any branch of the Reserve Bank of India for the low quality of services delivered, you may send your complaint to the Complaints Redressal Cell of the individual Regional Office of the Reserve Bank of India.

RTI application for RBI online under the Right to Information Act, 2005

Citizens of India should ask for information in writing, obviously indicating the information looked for under the Right to Information Act, 2005. The application for the request should give the contact details (postal location, phone number, fax number, email address) with the goal that the candidates can be contacted for clarifications or the information. Since according to the Act, information can be furnished only to citizens of India, you should give your resident status also. A resident can likewise lodge information through the RTI online portal where the RTI fees can be paid on the web and the applicant gets the registration number upon submission of the request and can track the RTI application.

Steps to File RBI RTI

Step 1: The application might be composed or flawlessly written by hand, wherein mention on "Application under RTI act 2005". The application may ideally be written however an email is acknowledged as a mode according to law.

Step 2: Some Public Authorities have conceived their own format for the applications. However, there is no impulse under the law to adhere to such proforma. Applications can't be dismissed on the ground that they were not in the endorsed proforma. The application ought to be in English, Hindi, or the official language of the territory where an application is being made.

Step 3: The address is to the competent authority, (need not mention his/her name), basically address the "public information officer".

Central Public Information Officer/Deputy General Manager
Human Resources Management Department
Reserve Bank of India, Central Office

Step 4: The application ought to be in a basic and simple language. Mention your question points, abstain from asking vague questions, and ask direct questions. Avoid using too specialized terms or legitimate language.

Step 5: Attach Government RTI Fee as IPO/DD/MO and so on as pertinent with the RTI Application.

Step 6: Undersign the application, remember to take a copy for your future references. At the end of the application make a declaration that you are an Indian resident.

Steps to File RBI RTI Online

Step 1: Click on Register and provide all the details

Step 2: Click on Apply Now and Fill all the required details

Step 3: Proceed with payment

Now you can track the status of your RTI Application.

The furnishing of information under RTI Act in the Reserve Bank of India is done in a decentralized manner with Chief General Managers/ Advisers/General Managers – in –charges of our various Central Office Departments designated as Central Public Information Officers (CPIOs) and in their absence, the other Chief General Managers/General Managers of the departments would be designated as CPIOs. The Executive Director has been designated as the Appellate Authority.

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rti online second appeal or complaint online rti for state government india india

Online RTI for

Online RTI for State Government India?

RTI Online for CPIO | RTI First Appeal | RTI Second Appeal | SSC RTI Online | Apply for RTI Online

Any Indian citizen can file an RTI and ask for information from the Government Officials. The citizen can inspect the work of the government and also exercise their right to information. If you are an Indian citizen who is seeking certain information or wants to inspect government records, then you can file an RTI Online.

The citizens of India can exercise their rights to government information by filing an RTI application with a Central or State Public Information Officer. There are different regulatory levels of the administration, similar to the Panchayat, the Municipal Corporations, the law courts, the Parliament, and so on., each with a unique PIO, who will have the option to give the necessary information relying upon the application or a question documented under the RTI Act.

How to file RTI Online for state government?
  1. Your RTI application for state government can even be written on simple plain paper. But make sure that your contact details like name and address are clearly mentioned.

  2. Specify the information that you need. Then decide the questions you want to ask. The questions must be clear, specific, and understood easily.

  3. Identify the public authority that has the required information as closely as you can. The government department, public sector enterprise, NGO, etc. can be the concerned authority that has the information that you want.

  4. Find the concerned SPIO (State Public Information Officer) for state government departments.

  5. There is no particular format required to file RTI for state government unless mentioned by that particular state government or its department. 

  6. Submit your RTI Application form with the paid receipt of your fees, as required by the state. All the states have their own rules and fees to file RTI for state government but those who fall in BPL Category are exempt from paying any fee according to the law.

  7. You can submit the RTI Application Personally, by hand, or through Registered or speed post.

  8. The preferred modes of payment vary depending on the state government. It could be an IPO(Indian Postal Order)/DD(Demand Draft)/ Cheque/ Court fee stamp.


Easily File Online RTI for State Government in India

We simplify the RTI Procedure for you. Now you can file RTI Online for State Government by sitting at home. You can follow the simple online RTI process to file online RTI for state government:

Step1: Register to RTI Guru Portal

Step2: Click on Apply Now and Choose the Category

Step3: Fill the RTI Application Form

Step4: Submit the RTI Application and Proceed with the RTI Fees

Step5: Now sit back relax our expert will draft your application and send it to you for final approval before sending it to the concerned authority.

You can track status of RTI application.



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rti online second appeal or complaint rti for caste certificate india

RTI For Caste

RTI Act, any person can get information or inquire about any government department by applying RTI. SC /ST person uses a caste certificate for reservation purposes. So that it can take advantage of the facilities provided by the government. A Caste Certificate is the proof of one's belonging to a particular caste, especially in case one belongs to any of the 'Scheduled Castes', as specified in the Indian Constitution. You cannot apply for a caste certificate online in all states. Some of the state government and district administration bodies don't issue/support an online application in order to get a caste certificate.


Process of Filling RTI for Cast Certificate


The CPIO disregards information to the appellant after following the procedure under Section 11 of the RTI Act, 2005. if a person dissatisfied with the CPIO's response, the appellant may file an appeal before the first appellate authority. The FAA upheld the CPIO's decision stating that the information has been sought from third parties and cannot be provided under Section 8 (1) (j) of the RTI Act, 2005. The FAA also told the appellant that there was no evidence in the case. On submission of false documents, the person taking an appointment can be brought to his notice and the organization will take appropriate action on the same.


The Commission believes that the caste certificate of the employees was their personal. The information and hence disclosure of the RTI Act was exempted from u / s 8 (1) (j). other than this, These were held by the defendant's authority in a fiduciary capacity as the employees may have Presented them to seek employment. Respondents have already provided several SC employees with the backlog of such vacancies. Commission, However, instructs the CPIO to provide a copy of the roster register in force, free of charge.

Click here to file RTI online for Caste Certificate

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rti online second appeal or complaint write rti application in hindi india

Write RTI Application

RTI Application in Hindi

RTI अर्जी को हिंदी में कैसे लिखें?

RTI भारत की संसद का सूचना का अधिकार अधिनियम है जो निवासियों के सूचना के अधिकार से संबंधित दिशानिर्देश और कार्यप्रणाली को निर्धारित करता है। इसने पिछली स्वतंत्रता सूचना अधिनियम, 2002 को प्रतिस्थापित कर दिया।
प्रत्येक व्यक्ति को सरकार से जानकारी प्राप्त करने का अधिकार है। एक सामान्य नागरिक भ्रष्टाचार के खिलाफ लड़ने के लिए RTI दर्ज कर सकता है, सार्वजनिक अधिकारियों की गतिविधियों पर नजर रख सकता है। अगर आप भी कुछ जानकारी प्राप्त करना चाहते हैं तो संकोच न करें आप ऑनलाइन आरटीआई दर्ज कर सकते हैं।


आरटीआई कैसे दर्ज करें? How to file an RTI in Hindi ?

चरण / Step 1: आप जिस विभाग से जानकारी चाहते हैं, उसे पहचानें। कुछ विषय राज्य सरकारों या स्थानीय प्राधिकरण जैसे नगरपालिका प्रशासन / पंचायत के दायरे में आते हैं, जबकि अन्य केंद्र सरकार द्वारा नियंत्रित किए जाते हैं।

चरण / Step 2: श्वेत पत्र की एक शीट पर, हाथ से आवेदन लिखें, या इसे अंग्रेजी, हिंदी या क्षेत्र की आधिकारिक भाषा में लिखें। आप सार्वजनिक सूचना अधिकारी से इसे लिखित रूप में रखने के लिए भी कह सकते हैं।

चरण / Step 3: आवेदन को राज्य / केंद्रीय लोक सूचना अधिकारी को संबोधित करें। उस कार्यालय का नाम लिखें जिसमें से आप जानकारी चाहते हैं, और पूर्ण, सही पता। अपनी विषय पंक्ति में आरटीआई अधिनियम, 2005 के तहत स्पष्ट रूप से ‘जानकारी मांगना।

चरण / Step 4: विशिष्ट, विस्तृत प्रश्नों के रूप में अपने अनुरोध को दर्ज करें, और आपके अनुरोध में आने वाली अवधि / वर्ष का उल्लेख करें। यदि आवश्यक हो, तो दस्तावेजों या दस्तावेजों के अर्क के लिए पूछें। दस्तावेजों को प्राप्त करने के लिए, आवेदक को भुगतान करना होगा। 2रु प्रति पेज।

चरण / Step 5: 10रु याचिका दायर करने के लिए। यह नकद, मनी ऑर्डर, बैंक ड्राफ्ट या कोर्ट फीस स्टैम्प के रूप में किया जा सकता है। आवेदन पर मोहर लगाई जानी चाहिए। गरीबी रेखा से नीचे (बीपीएल) के आवेदकों को भुगतान करने की आवश्यकता नहीं है, लेकिन आवेदन के साथ बीपीएल प्रमाण पत्र की एक प्रति संलग्न करनी होगी।

चरण / Step 6: अपना पूरा नाम और पता, संपर्क विवरण, ईमेल पता और आवेदन स्पष्ट रूप से हस्ताक्षर करें। तारीख और अपने शहर का नाम डालें।

चरण / Step 7: आवेदन की एक फोटोकॉपी लें और भविष्य में संदर्भ के लिए अपने पास रखें। अपना आवेदन डाक द्वारा भेजें या इसे संबंधित विभाग को व्यक्तिगत रूप से सौंप दें। पावती प्राप्त करना न भूलें।

चरण / Step 8: कानून यह कहता है कि जानकारी 30 दिनों के भीतर प्रदान की जाए। यदि ऐसा नहीं होता है, तो आप अपील दायर कर सकते हैं। पहली अपील को विभाग और पते के नाम के साथ 'अपीलीय प्राधिकरण' को संबोधित किया जाना चाहिए। अपील की प्राप्ति की तारीख से 30 दिनों में अपीलीय प्राधिकारी को वापस करने के लिए अनिवार्य है। यदि अपीलीय प्राधिकारी जवाब देने में विफल रहता है, तो आगे अपील सूचना आयोग, मुख्य सूचना आयुक्त, राज्य / केंद्रीय सूचना आयोग के पास होती है।

How to Write an RTI  Application in Hindi

RTI कैसे लिखे ? RTI लिखने का तरीका

आरटीआई अधिनियम के तहत जानकारी मांगने के लिए एक सुझाया गया आवेदन पत्र

सेवा में,
केंद्रीय / राज्य लोक सूचना अधिकारी
या सहायक लोक सूचना अधिकारी
(पते के साथ कार्यालय का नाम)

सर / मैडम,

विषय: आरटीआई अधिनियम, 2005 के तहत सूचना मांगना

यह आरटीआई अधिनियम, 2005 के तहत निम्नलिखित जानकारी प्रदान करने का अनुरोध किया गया है।
(1) आवश्यक जानकारी का विवरण
(a) विषय के विषय में आवश्यक जानकारी का विवरण और विवरण जो विशिष्ट होना चाहिए।
प्रश्न संख्या 1 - …….
प्रश्न संख्या 2 - …….
प्रश्न संख्या 3 - …….
(b) वह अवधि जिसके लिए सूचना मांगी गई है।

(2) यदि निरीक्षण किया जा रहा है, तो एक स्पष्ट उल्लेख किया जाना चाहिए।

(3) यदि जीवन और स्वतंत्रता का दावा किया जाता है, तो इसे निर्दिष्ट किया जाना चाहिए।

(4) अनुसूची II संगठनों के मामले में, भ्रष्टाचार / मानव अधिकारों के उल्लंघन का एक विशिष्ट उल्लेख किया जाना चाहिए।

(5) कोई अन्य प्रासंगिक बिंदु

यदि सूचना किसी अन्य लोक प्राधिकार से संबंधित या उसके पास है, तो आवेदन या उसके ऐसे हिस्से को उपयुक्त माना जा सकता है जो आरटीआई अधिनियम की धारा 6 (3) के अनुसार अधोहस्ताक्षरी को अंतरिम के तहत उस अन्य लोक प्राधिकरण को हस्तांतरित किए जा सकते हैं। (यह पीआईओ के लिए एक अनुस्मारक के रूप में कार्य करता है जिसे अधिनियम के तहत करना आवश्यक है)

रुपये के आवेदन शुल्क के भुगतान के साक्ष्य। 10 / - और भुगतान का तरीका।
(i) रुपये का शुल्क। रसीद नं .________ दिनांकित __________ के लोक प्राधिकरण के लेखा कार्यालय में १० / - नकद में जमा किया गया है; या
(ii) एक पोस्टल ऑर्डर / बैंक ड्राफ्ट नंबर __________ दिनांक _______ संलग्न है; या
(iii) फीस के भुगतान से छूट का दावा किया गया है और बीपीएल स्थिति (उदाहरण- बीपीएल राशन कार्ड की फोटोकॉपी) के साक्ष्य संलग्न हैं।

आवेदक के हस्ताक्षर / अंगूठे का निशान
आवेदक का पूरा नाम और डाक पता
संपर्क फोन नंबर और ई-मेल (यदि कोई हो)


RTI Guru के माध्यम से आरटीआई के लिए आवेदन करने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें

Click Here to apply for RTI through RTI Guru

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rti online second appeal or complaint rti for delhi metro rail corporation dmrc india


to file RTI in DELHI METRO RAIL CORPORATION DMRC then here is the step by step guide to How to File RTI in DELHI METRO RAIL CORPORATION DMRC.

Step 1: Write an RTI application that should be flawlessly written by hand wherein notice on "Application under RTI act 2005". You can write it in any official language.

Step 2: Address the application to "GENERAL MANAGER HUMAN RESOURCE ". Write the name of the workplace from which you look for information, right location as "TO THE PIO O/O THE GM. HUMAN RESOURCE METRO BHAWAN, FIRE BRIGADE LANE, BARAKHAMBHA ROAD, NEW DELHI-110001 ". Express your solicitation as explicit, point by point questions.

Step 3: Ask for documents or extracts of documents, if required. To acquire documents, the candidate needs to make a payment of Rs. 2 for each page.

Step 4: Now attach Government RTI Fee as IPO/DD/MO and so on as relevant with the RTI Application. Pay fees to "Account Officer, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation."

Step 5: Give your complete name and address, contact details, email address, and sign the application unmistakably. Put in the date and the name of your town.

Step 6: Take a copy of your future references. At the finish of the application make an assertion that you are an Indian resident.

Step 7: The law commands that data be given inside 30 days. On the off chance that this doesn't occur, you can document an intrigue. The primary intrigue ought to be routed to "The Appellate Authority" with the name of the division and the location. The redrafting authority is ordered to return in 45 days from the date of receipt of the intrigue. In the event that the Appellate power won't/neglects to answer, further interests lay with the Information Commission, the Chief Information Commissioner, State/Central Information Commission.




Here is the easy way that you can follow to file RTI in DELHI METRO RAIL CORPORATION DMRC:

Step 1: Click Here or Click on Apply Now

Step 2: Register yourself with RTI Guru

Step 3: After Registration Choose the type of RTI you want to file.

Step 4: Fill the details

Step 5: Pay the Fees and that’s it.

Step 6: Sit back relaxed RTI will do the everything rest.


So by following these steps you can easily file RTI for DMRC.

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rti online second appeal or complaint india-china border news live updates india

India-China Border News

meet, common accord to separate, the path forward talked about, state sources

India-China Border Face-off Latest News Live Update: At the Corps Commander level talks held between the different sides and which ran for more than 10 hours, sources have said they were led in a "heartfelt, positive and helpful climate," and "there was a shared agreement to separate with modalities for withdrawal from all erosion regions in Eastern Ladakh being examined and that they will be taken forward by the two sides."


At the Congress Working Committee meeting today, party president Sonia Gandhi accused "inappropriate arrangements" and fumble of Narendra Modi-drove NDA government for a significant part of the fringe emergency. Previous leader Dr. Manmohan Singh embraced Gandhi's comments and said that if the emergency on the outskirt isn't handled immovably, it can prompt a "difficult circumstance."


In the meantime, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is facilitating the Russia-India-China (RIC)trilateral remote clergymen's gathering, which will be the principal open door for External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi for publicity with one another over videoconference. Jaishankar and Wang, who is additionally Chinese State Councilor, had an irate call on June 17 over the June 15 fringe conflict.


Barrier Minister Rajnath Singh arrived at Moscow Monday night to begin a three-day visit. Singh and his Chinese partner, Wei Fenghe, will go to the Victory Day march on June 24, alongside Indian and Chinese walking contingents. Singh will meet the Russian protection metal and is relied upon to audit supplies of resistance hardware in the coming months.


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rti online second appeal or complaint earthquake tremors of 5.5 magnitudes felt in gujarat's rajkot india

Earthquake tremors of

felt near Rajkot, Gujarat late Sunday. It measured 5.5 at the Richter scale. The National Center for Seismology (National Center for Seismology) gave this information. The epicentre of the quake changed into placed 122 km north-northwest of Rajkot. The tremors have been felt at 8:13 pm. No injuries or losses had been reported yet. According to the map on the NCS website, the earthquake becomes about 85 km from Bhuj, in which a 7.7-importance devastating earthquake that struck on 26 January 2001 killed more than 20,000 people and injured greater than 1.5 lakh humans.

National Center for Seismology (NCS) director stated that due to the recent earthquake in Delhi-NCR, there's no need to panic, but arrangements and precautionary steps are vital. According to a Home Ministry statement, stated in a meeting prepared by way of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) that minor earthquake tremors are not uncommon in Delhi-NCR given the records of Delhi's earthquake.

He said that there's no want to panic, however it is vital to take preparedness and mitigation measures to lessen the risk. There isn't any confirmed technology in the world that may expect earthquakes with truth in phrases of location, time and significance. The NDMA has requested the country governments to take such steps in which compliance of construction rules inside the wake of an earthquake in upcoming structures is ensured and vulnerable buildings aren't constructed. It has advised the states to identify the danger structures and make essential enhancements in them. Private buildings ought to additionally be progressed in a phased manner.

5.8 earthquake tremors in Jammu and Kashmir, earthquake for the third time in 3 days

A tremor of the moderate-depth earthquake turned into felt in Jammu and Kashmir on Tuesday morning. The earthquake measured 5.8. The officers gave statistics about this. This is the 3 time earthquake tremors were felt within the union territory in 3 days.
According to officers, the earthquake struck at seven inside the morning and its epicentre was Tajikistan. Severe tremors had been felt in maximum parts of Kashmir Valley which includes Srinagar, Kishtwar and Doda districts. Apart from this, tremors were additionally felt in Jammu.

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rti online second appeal or complaint covid-19 fight - iit innovations india

COVID-19 Fight -

ventilators, reasonable COVID-19 test packs, drones for sanitization, specific advanced stethoscopes, dispensable bamboo furniture for temporary disconnection wards, and "disease evidence texture" for clinics - these are among a few developments, by IITs the nation over during the lockdown time frame, which is prepared to hit the market to help the battle against COVID-19. The advancements have taken business courses either through IIT-brooded new businesses or the debut establishments have offered a permit to organizations keeping the patent rights with themselves.


The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, which turned into the primary scholarly foundation to get a gesture from the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) for its COVID-19 test unit, has given a non-selective open permit to Bengaluru-based biotechnology company Genie Laboratories for commercializing the test, yet with a worth rider of Rs. 500 for every unit.


The units are being fabricated at an office at the Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone (AMTZ) in Vishakhapatnam, and are relied upon to be accessible in the market in the following 10 days.


"In excess of 40 associations, including two or three enormous names, have reached us to advertise the test. We will be giving open licenses to organizations that meet the quality measure set by us. We are additionally giving the permit with a value rider so organizations don't climb the cost once marketed. We have shortlisted Genie research centers as the first, yet there will be more organizations as well," IIT Delhi Director V Ramgopal told PTI.


As per the IIT Delhi group, the current testing techniques accessible are "test-based" while the one created by the IIT group is a "test free" strategy, which decreases the testing cost without settling on exactness.


Another development by the foundation, a "disease evidence texture" to be utilized at emergency clinics to forestall medical clinic procured contaminations (HAIs) is being sent to different emergency clinics in Delhi and NCR as bed sheets, shades, and outfits by a hatched startup called "Fabiosys Innovations". The development was before tried at AIIMS.


"We take moves of cotton surface and treat it with a ton of prohibitive made engineered substances under a ton of explicit reaction conditions, using the equipment starting at now normally open in material organizations. The texture, subsequent to experiencing these procedures, gains the amazing antimicrobial usefulness," Samrat Mukhopadhyay, a teacher at the Department of Textile and Fiber Engineering in IIT-Delhi, said.


"Much ensuing to washing on various events, it doesn't lose its convenience. This texture can be sewed into different articles, for example, bedsheets, the regalia for patients, specialists and nurture, and even shades. The texture fulfills the Indian gauges as far as the quantity of washing. It is totally non-poisonous and moderate," he included.


Working a beginning up called "AyuDevice" from the IIT's' innovation business hatchery, the group has sent 1,000 stethoscopes to various emergency clinics and social insurance communities the nation over. The item is likewise ready to move at different stores.


An IIT Guwahati startup "Marut Dronetech" has created two sorts of automatons, which are being utilized by the Telangana government and different offices over the state. The automatons are being conveyed for showering disinfectant out in the open spaces to forestall the coronavirus. They can sanitize multiple times more region than what should be possible utilizing customary techniques, the establishment asserted.


"We have likewise evolved open checking and cautioning drones that are fitted with a camera and speaker. These can be utilized to screen places, particularly with high infection pervasiveness for swarm assembling and give suitable directions to individuals, utilizing fitted amplifiers," said Prem Kumar Vislawath, an IIT Guwahati graduate.


The organization's structure division has thought of a bamboo emergency clinic furniture go, large scale manufacturing of which is snappy and ease, to satisfy needs emerging out of hospitalization of more individuals with the spike in coronavirus cases.


"The furniture can be utilized at essential wellbeing habitats and stopgap seclusion wards set up in places like indoor arenas. It very well may be handily discarded when the infection has been contained. More than 200 beds can be fabricated every day utilizing the structure. We have tied up with two nearby business people for assembling," an educator said.


IIT Kanpur has worked together with ICICI Securities for the advancement of a minimal effort ventilator enhanced by two of its understudies.

"This effectively compact ventilator will be a lot less expensive than other life-sparing machines accessible in the market. It will likewise fill in as a sanitizer to keep the emergency clinic without germ. Because of the parts utilized in the ventilator which are explicitly made in India, it will cost just Rs 70,000 on the other side open ventilators will cost around Rs 4 lakh," said IIT-Kanpur Director Abhay Karandikar.


"We mean to make around 30,000 units in 2020, and the fundamental package is depended upon to hit the market soon," he included.

According to the Union Health administration, India saw the most raised single-day spike of 11,929 COVID-19 cases over the latest 24 hours, taking the number of pollutions to over 3.20 lakh on Sunday, while the cost crossed the 9,000-mark with 311 extra passings.

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rti online second appeal or complaint world day against child labour 2020 india

World Day Against

against Child Labour was first propelled in 2002 to bring issues to light and forestall child work. The ILO, the United Nations body that takes a shot at worldwide work-related issues, propelled the World Day against Child Labour to bring consideration and join endeavors to battle against child work. This day unites governments, nearby specialists, common society and universal, Labourers, and managers associations to call attention to the youngster work issue and characterize the rules to help child workers.

As indicated by ILO's information, a huge number of young ladies and young men all through the world are associated with work that denies them of accepting sufficient instruction, wellbeing, relaxation, and essential opportunities, damaging along these lines their privileges. Of these children, the greater parts are presented to the most exceedingly awful types of child work. These most noticeably terrible types of youngster work remember work for dangerous conditions, subjection, or different types of constrained work, unlawful exercises, for example, medicate dealing and prostitution, just as a contribution in the outfitted clash.


World Day against Child Labour 2020 spotlights on the effect of the emergency on child work. The coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent monetary and work showcase stun have had a gigantic impact on the lives of millions, and youngsters are regularly the most noticeably awful victims. The Covid-19 emergency has driven a large number of powerless children into child work, agreeing on the United Nations. This year, a virtual battle is being sorted out together with the Global March Against Child Labour and the IPCCLA (International Partnership for Cooperation on Child Labour in Agriculture).


Child work in India: Impact of coronavirus lockdown on the poor children


On April 26, Nobel Laureate and youngster rights lobbyist Kailash Satyarthi, in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, asked his administration to save child workers. "Uncommon circumstances call for exceptional advances... I unequivocally feel that so as to spare the lives of children caught in servitude and youngster work the nation over, this progression is the main choice left," Satyarthi composed after a little youngster abandoned by the coronavirus lockdown kicked the bucket of depletion while strolling back to her town.


There are in excess of 10 million youngster workers in India, as per the last evaluation, and many are held restricted to the working environment by businesses. Pictures on TV have regularly demonstrated the level of enduring that these children face. Numerous children were among vagrant Labourers who began strolling back to their towns with minimal expenditure or food.

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rti online second appeal or complaint file an rti application for epfo? india

File an RTI

each person to get significant information from any government office is known as the Right to Information or RTI. In only 30 days, you will get a reply from the legislature about your question. The Right to Information likewise has the information an individual may require from the EPFO too, making it obligatory for even the EPFO to reply to the RTI application, and give the individual the information they require. To file an RTI application an individual should follow the below steps:

How to file an RTI application for EPFO



Fill out an RTI application and mention your issue. The application must be in the below format:

  1. The subject must be clearly defined.
  2. The application must be addressed to the CPIO (Central Public Information Officer), EPFO, and also must have the complete PF office address mentioned on RTI Application.
  3. You should also include all your details like;

    a. Your Full Name

    b. Your Complete Address

    c. Phone Number

    d. Email Address

    e. EPF Account Number

  4. Now, you can ask the questions related to your EPF withdrawal and transfer.
  5. Make Clear Declaration in this format: “I do hereby declare that I am a citizen of India. All the information provided above is correct according to my knowledge. I request you to ensure that the requested information is provided before 30 day period after you have received the application”
  6. After declaration, make a payment of the RTI application by DD/IPO/MO and so on. Attach this with RTI Application
  7. Sign your RTI Application and must clearly mention your Name, Place where you residing and Date.
  8. Send the RTI Application to EPFO Department


File EPFO RTI Online


Can this process be done online?

Yes, if you would like to avoid this hassle then you can file EPFO RTI online through RTI Guru. RTI Guru will help you throughout the Process of filing EPFO RTI Online.

File EPFO RTI Online

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rti online second appeal or complaint rti online for dda (delhi development authority) india

RTI Online for

Development Authority is an autonomous body whose Chairman is Honorable L.G of Delhi. D.D.A is under the Minister of Urban Development. This is not under Delhi Government.

You can file RTI for DDA to get the information. Here are a few steps to file RTI for DDA:

How to File RTI Online for DDA
  • Write a formal Application may be handwritten or typed
  • You can write Application in any language Hindi, English, or regional language.
  • Address the RTI Application to “The PIO (Public Information Officer)”
  • Write the complete address and the Name from where you seek information.
  • Now write the questions you want to ask in detail. You can ask for the documents.
  • Attach Government RTI Fee in the form of IPO/DD/MO etc. as applicable with the RTI Application. Pay fee to "ASSISTANT OFFICER, DELHI DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY". 
  • Write your full name and address, contact details, email address, and sign the application clearly.
  • Get a photocopy for future references.
  • Make a declaration that you are an Indian citizen at the end of the application.
  • The law commands that information be given within 30 days. In the event that this doesn't occur, you can file the first appeal. The first appeal ought to be addressed to "The Appellate Authority" with the name of the office and the address. The appellate authority is commanded to return in 45 days from the date of receipt of the appeal. In the event that the Appellate authority won't/neglects to answer, further interests lay with the Information Commission, the Chief Information Commissioner, State/Central Information Commission.

File DDA online RTI

You can file RTI for DDA by following the above steps.

Here is the Address of DDA:


You can also file RTI Online for DDA. To file RTI Online for DDA you just need to follow 3 steps:

Step 1: Register to RTI Guru (Register Now)


Step 2: Apply for DDA RTI (Apply Now)


Step 3: Fill the details and complete the payment

File DDA online RTI

By following these easy steps you can file RTI Online for DDA.

You can also file other RTIs such as:

  • Delhi Jal Board RTI
  • Delhi Police RTI
  • Delhi Regional Passport Offices RTI
  • Delhi Road Transport Offices RTI
  • RTI for Industrial development issues
  • RTI for Health and sanitation
  • RTI for Passport verification issues
  • RTI for MDM issues, corruption in Mid-Day Meal
  • RTI for Water problems shortage and sewer problems


Apply Now to file RTI Online for DDA

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rti online second appeal or complaint important things required to file online rti application? india

Important things required

India obtained the right to information in the year 2005 under the Right to Information Act. As the vast majority of you may know, under this act, each resident has the privilege to request certain information from the government. An individual may apply for information with respect to a specific document or can even apply to physically inspect government records, in addition to other things.



There are two different ways of filing an RTI;

In the two cases, a specific format ought to be followed.

In this article you will get an answer to the following things:

  1. How to draft an RTI Application?
  2. Who can make an RTI Application?
  3. What should be the language of the RTI Application?
  4. What are the important things required to file an Online RTI Application?
  5. Sample RTI Application/ RTI Application Format
  6. Sample Reply of RTI
1. How to draft the RTI Application?

Some Public Authorities have contrived their own format for the applications. However, there is no compulsion under the law to stick to such a format. Applications can't be rejected on the basis that they were not in the recommended format.

It totally depends upon you to identify what you must include in your application. The goal of writing a compelling RTI application is simple – to empower the public authority to provide you the information you look for.

2. Who can make an RTI Application?

The Right to Information Act stretches out to the entire of India with the exception of the territory of Jammu and Kashmir. All residents including Indians living abroad have the option to look for information. This infers the individual looking for information must be an individual and not a partnership, society, or some other public authority. Neither people of Indian Origin nor outside nationals can profit from the advantages under this Act.

3. What should be the language of the RTI Application?

The application can be written in English, Hindi, or any official language of the state wherein the office lies. However, the RTI Act makes no provision to request answers in your preferred language. So once in a while, one gets troubled when the answer to the application is given in a language they can't understand. For example, you file an RTI application with the Municipal Corporation, Hoshiarpur in Hindi. The PIO answers to your application in Punjabi. What do you do?

The courts and commissions have set down in a few decisions that information ought to be given to the Applicant in the language he gets it. Thus, it is advisable to remember two things while picking the language of your application:

Always write your application in the language in which you wish to get an answer. If you need the PIO to answer to you in Hindi, ensure you write your application in Hindi.

As a careful step, it is consistently advisable to make reference to in your application obviously the language in which you look for an answer.

4. What are the important things required to file an Online RTI Application?

There are some important things required to file an online RTI application. These are:


You should address your application to the Public Information Officer of the division which is probably going to have the information you are looking for. The address of the PIO must contain the details of the division viz. name, address, and city in which it is found.


So once you are through with writing the PIO details, your next area should cover the "NAME AND ADDRESS OF THE APPLICANT". In this area, you should fill your name and the postal location of the place you wish to get information at. Ensure that all the information provided is precise as this would be the address at which PIO could be corresponding with you.


The following field of your application ought to be "Points of interest OF INFORMATION REQUIRED". This is maybe the most significant segment that would characterize the information you are looking for... In this area, you should separate all the information looked for in an orderly way in order to guarantee that the reader interprets precisely what you need from his specialization. For comfort, you may partition this segment into 5 heads, viz:

  1. The Subject of information: In this area, you should specify:
  • The sort of records you are looking for, for example, file noting, communication, documents, etc.,
  • Relating to what, for example for appointment to a specific post,
  • Whose records you are looking for, for instance, Chancellor, Vice president, and so on.
  • Concerning which division, for instance, Labour Department, Government.

BPL Status

The next part of your application must set out whether you lie above or below the poverty line. An individual is supposed to be living below the poverty line in the event that he spends not as much as Rs. 32 every day in towns and under Rs.47 in urban communities. Consequently, in this part, you ought to unmistakably state whether you belong to below the poverty line category. If your answer is YES, at that point you ought to present the confirmation on the side of your case that you belong to the below poverty line. No charge is required to be paid by people falling below the poverty line. However, if you don't belong to the below poverty line, you should attempt to pay appropriate costs for furnishing the required information.

5. Sample RTI Application/ RTI Application Format

Here is the sample RTI Application/RTI Application Format:


The Chief of Public Information Officer/ Public Information Officer

Division Officer


  1. Full Name of the Applicant (in capital letters)
  2. Father’s/Husband Name (in capital letters)
  3. Complete address and pin code
  4. Telephone/Mobile No.

Whether belong to BPL category (if yes, please attach a copy of the BPL

Details of Application Fee/Addl. Fee:- (Application Fee – Rs.10/-; Addl. Fee – @Rs.2/- per page for A-4 size paper created or copied, by Cash, DD/BC/IPO to be drawn in favor of ‘Accounts Officer, Ministry of External Affairs, where the application is submitted Cash Receipt/ DD/Bankers Cheque / IPO No Date Name of the Issuing Bank/Authority Amount (Rs.)

Particulars of information required

*Note (Please attach the supporting documents)

DECLARATION: I state that the information looked-for doesn't fall inside the limitation contained in Section 8 and 9 of the RTI Act and apparently, it relates to your office.

6. Sample Reply of RTI

Here is the sample of RTI reply you get from the government:


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rti online second appeal or complaint thomas jefferson university pursue a promising vaccine candidate against covid-19 india

Thomas Jefferson University

vaccine innovator Bharat Biotech and the Thomas Jefferson University of Philadelphia have signed an exclusive deal to develop a new vaccine candidate for COVID-19 invented at Jefferson. The novel vaccine was developed using an existing deactivated rabies vaccine as a vehicle for coronavirus proteins. This is in part because this vehicle or carrier vaccine is known to produce a strong immune response, and is approved for the whole population including children and pregnant women.


Infectious Diseases expert Professor Matthias Schnell's lab developed the vaccine in January this year and has recently completed preliminary tests in animal models. The vaccine showed a strong antibody response in mice receiving the vaccine. The researchers are currently testing whether vaccinated animals are protected from SARS-CoV-2 infection with results expected in the next month.


"Our partnership with Bharat Biotech will accelerate our vaccine candidate through the next phases of development," says Prof. Schnell - a coronavirus expert who directs The Jefferson Vaccine Institute and chairs Jefferson's Department of Microbiology and Immunology, "We will be able to complete animal testing and move to phase 1 clinical trial rapidly" he adds.


Dr. Krishna Mohan, Chief Executive Officer of Bharat Biotech said, "In view of the imminent demand for an effective vaccine, Bharat Biotech is pleased to collaborate with Thomas Jefferson, USA towards developing a new vaccine for COVID-19 using an inactivated rabies vector platform. We are particularly excited about this technology since the basic proof of concept has been established while using it for other pandemic infectious diseases. Bharat Biotech is committed to global public health and will be involved in an end to end development of the vaccine including comprehensive clinical trials to achieve commercial licensure."


Under the license agreement, Bharat Biotech gains exclusive rights to develop, market, and deliver Jefferson's vaccine across the world excluding countries such as the USA, Europe, Japan, etc., where Jefferson continues to seek partners. With support from the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India, Bharat Biotech aims to get into human trials as soon as December 2020.


"Bharat Biotech is the world's largest supplier of rabies vaccines, and has been at the forefront of creating breakthrough vaccines for several challenging diseases", said Dr. Rose Ritts, Jefferson's Innovation EVP, who led the negotiations with the assistance of Dr. Heather Rose, Innovation VP. "They are the right partner for Jefferson to accelerate this important project with urgency." 


Of the 90 or so coronavirus vaccines in development, about 25% use an established vaccine to act as a "carrier" or vector for the target virus, in this case, the coronavirus SARS-COV-2 spike protein. The vector used in this new vaccine is a deactivated rabies vaccine that is known to produce a strong immune response, and that has been proven safe for all populations including children and pregnant women.


Not every vaccine produces the same level of the immune response. The rabies vaccine has been shown to generate a rigorous but safe immune reaction that confers life-long protection. "Since we know the immune system reacts to the rabies vaccine with a strong response when we add the coronavirus component, we expect to see that level of protection, and immune memory, carry over to the SARS-CoV-2 viral protein as well," says Prof. Schnell.


Prof. Schnell's prior research creating vaccines with this approach against two other strains of coronavirus (the 2003 SARS and 2012 MERS viruses), worked in this way, conferring strong immunity in animal models. 


"We are leveraging the properties of a very effective vaccine – one that provides life-long immunity against one of the biggest global threats of our time," says Dr. Mark Tykocinski MD, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs of Thomas Jefferson University, and Dean of its Sidney Kimmel Medical College. "Rather than go with an untested approach, we have a leg-up by using a vaccine that is safe, effective, and exceptionally good at creating a strong immune response – which is something not every vaccine can do."

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rti online second appeal or complaint cyclone amphan bears down on india and bangladesh india

Cyclone Amphan bears

a child through heavy rain as they evacuate a slum area in Kolkata, India, ahead Cyclone Amphan's landfall on Wednesday, May 20. Cyclone Amphan is expected to make landfall late Wednesday afternoon local time near the Indian city of Kolkata, which is home to 14 million people and close to the Bangladesh border.


Amphan became the strongest storm ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal on Monday night but has since weakened into the equivalent of a strong Category 2 hurricane. Evacuation efforts in India and Bangladesh are being complicated by the coronavirus pandemic, as relief teams grapple with how to get millions of people to safety while also protecting them against the risk of Covid-19.


Powerful Cyclone Hits India, Complicating Coronavirus Response


NEW DELHI—A massive cyclone slammed into India’s eastern coast Wednesday afternoon knocking out power lines, uprooting trees, damaging crops, and crowding hundreds of thousands into shelters even as the region struggles with the spread of the coronavirus.


Cyclone Amphan brought torrential rains and winds up to 115 miles an hour as it made landfall about 100 miles southwest of Kolkata. It is one of the most powerful cyclones to hit the area in decades.

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rti online second appeal or complaint covid-19 india


India are on an upward push within the previous few days. According to the latest information through the Union Health Ministry, the wide variety of novel coronavirus instances inside has surged to 1,06,750, on Wednesday, whilst the death toll has surged to 3,303. Of the full variety of instances, there are 58,802 active cases, whilst 61,149 people have been cured and discharged from hospitals.


Since the lockdown has been extended until May 31, MHA and numerous national governments have launched their own set of regulations and regulation.


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rti online second appeal or complaint 4 simple steps to file rti online india

4 Simple Steps to file RTI online

RTI India Online

RTI Online for CPIO | RTI First Appeal | RTI Second Appeal | SSC RTI Online | Apply for RTI Online

Want to file RTI? But don’t know how to file RTI Online or how to apply RTI online?

Don’t Worry! We will help you with 4 simple steps to file/apply RTI online

Do you know what RTI is?

Well RTI is the Right to Information Act of the Parliament of India which sets out the guidelines and methodology concerning residents' right to information. It replaced the previous Freedom of Information Act, 2002.
Every individual has the right to get information from the government. A normal citizen can keep an eye on public authorities’ activities to fight against corruption. If you also want to get some information don’t hesitate you can file RTI online. You can fill the RTI application form to file an RTI complaint. Whether it's central govt. or state govt. you can file RTI against any government department of India.
There are generally three ways of RTI filing:

  • Online RTI
  • Through Registered Post
  • In-Person

In this blog, you’ll learn about how to file RTI online. RTI filing is an easy process if you know what exactly you need to do to file RTI online. Here are 4 simple steps to file RTI online. Follow this procedure to file RTI: 
Step 1: Login/Register at RTI Guru with all the basic details like; Name, Email, Mobile No., Country, etc. and verify your email and mobile no. by entering OTP.
Step 2: Go to Apply Now and choose the category of your RTI. Whether it is Personal, Social or other RTI
Step 3: Fill the form and hit submit
Step 4: Choose your plan and proceed

Now sit back and relax. Your RTI has been filed. Not only this you can also track your RTI. Click here to track your RTI application.
So simple, isn’t it? So now you don’t have to go through the typical process of filing RTI. Just follow these steps and file RTI online.
If you still have any confusion then reach us we will help you with how to file RTI online.

You can check your RTI Application Status through RTI Guru

You can also check how to file RTI in different states:

Right To Information Act 2005 Application Form or RTI Form Online helps you to file RTI Online. The RTI Online Application Form contains all the required information to file RTI Online. You can access the RTI Application online. If you want to file RTI Online you go with RTI online registration and fill RTI online form. You can fill RTI application form in English or RTI application form in Hindi and other official languages. Address the Online RTI application to PIO/Government Office/Concerned Office or Department/RTI Office.

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rti online second appeal or complaint rti for distance learning education india

RTI For Distance

Learning Education
Distance learning has become a very famous option amongst college students nowadays, due to its flexibility of time, region and take a look at the schedule. Distance gaining knowledge comes as a blessing to students who want to examine similarly while continuing with jobs or who won't be capable of attending a full-time course for numerous reasons.
Distance learning programs cost way less than a full-time, regular program. This is a too economically usable option, easy on the that's why most of the student prefer distance education
Distance education learning disadvantage: 
• you have to be disciplined.
• spend time on your research and do the work. 
• Since you’re no longer going to lessons on campus.
• People have the strength of will to follow through.
• This is another cause that distance education tends to work properly for adults; they normally have the life experience and subject that younger students may additionally lack.
If you are a student of distance learning any colleges/ University and awaiting your mark sheet or any other document but to no profit Then you will file RTI. If all other options have failed and you are still stuck with your issues then filing an RTI is the best way out for you.
There is Two Way to File RTI 
1.Online RTI
2.Offline RTI

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rti online second appeal or complaint rti for property sales india

RTI For Property

For Property Sales

Under the Right To Information Act took place in 2005 to create transparency inside the work of government executives and empower the citizens of India. Under the act, an RTI application may be submitted to searching for information from any public authority. It is one of the most important acts exceeded by using the Indian government to control corruption.

Any RTI Online application may be filed in approximately any problems that come underneath the authorities or any public agency. Expect for people who subject countrywide security. The most unusual questions for which a commonplace man or woman such as you and I want to submit an Online RTI are instances of delayed passport, delayed IT returns or pensions payouts, land issues, etc.

Circumstances Warranting The Use of RTI

RTI is a powerful tool when corrupt or inefficient officials deny your prison rights or put off essential authorities services that you may additionally want at a sales office, land file-office, or sub-registry.

It may be resorted to realize the reasons for the delay in processing your record and delay in addressing the grievance.

It can assist in verification, diligence, and collating beneficial records approximately the belongings that could prove beneficial in negotiating belongings deal in your favour.

It also can be used as a device to uncover facts submit the deal if there's any indication that the builder/seller would possibly have hidden material statistics throughout negotiation which could have appreciably affected the shopping for of the assets. For eg: any pending litigation, encumbrance and so forth over the belongings.

In such above-referred to circumstances, An RTI application can be packed with the land information workplace in the Collectorate or the municipality as the case may additionally be.

RTI For Assets And Land Troubles –Do It Help? How did it work?

Land troubles can occur because of many different outlines and RTI can be applicable for maximum parts.

Such cases can be fraudulent inside the registration of the assets, which originally belonged to someone else or fights over the area of the assets between parties.

Mainly the land disputes instances are of the subsequent types:

 Fake Land Registration

There will be a situation in which your registered land might initially belong to another person, or a person should declare that the registered land belonged to him.

Opportunities are there could be someone attempting to promote your land without proper authority or permission/authority from the real owners. That could get you into the problem.

As consistent with the segment of the RTI Act, it may be used to acquire various assets rights files of the property.

Land Dispute

Chances are the land you want to shop for is under felony disputes and you aren't conscious of it, or a person else has claimed the land and thus caused a dispute.

Since the authorities that preserve land records are a public authority, these facts may be received through an RTI online application.

The facts about the land statistics in terms of measurements, area, ownership can be acquired.

Encumbrance Certificate

The encumbrance certificate is a compulsory file used in assets transactions as evidence of loose title/possession.

And the encumbrance certificates ensure that there may be entire ownership of the property without money or criminal liability.

 As already mentioned, again for the reason that authority managing land facts is a public authority, as laid down in Section 2 of the RTI Act, the certified copies of the relevant files and records might also be acquired,

The statistics can then be used to justify your case. You can also be trying to find repayment for your criticism in a suitable forum.

the following steps must be mind

If the authority is a public authority, RTI may be used directly. However, authority is the personal authority – including a builder or a non-public developer, you then must address the software to the authority that governs the personal authority.

There ought to be no clubbing of points, although the facts are repeated.

The statistics must be duly treated in English, Hindi or the nearby language if accepted by the Authority. And must be in the right format. A small blunder can lead to rejection of the RTI online application.

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rti online second appeal or complaint the procedure of filing rti india

The procedure Of

Filing A Successful RTI Application

The charter of India handed the act of Right to facts that fully got here into pressure in October 2005. It’s proper for the citizen to invite for data from the government bodies. The government our bodies are the functioning component or management of any government that enforces the regulations handed for the welfare of the society. Before the RTI Act, these our bodies were running in isolation in a centralized way, the act got here into lifestyles to boom the participation of the society in brooder feel and citizens within the specific.

The government employer fully funded, controlled, and organized via the kingdom and the central government comes beneath the manipulate of the Right to records act. Even a few corporations managed with the aid of the personal sector however funded by means of the government come under the act. People can practice online in addition to offline to seek statistics from numerous public authorities. There are important bodies coping with Right to facts act application both at significant and nation level


1.Central Information Commission (CIC)

2.State Information Commissions (SIC)


1.For filing RTI utility click on post request option. Create your proper login ID and create a password with proper difficulty.


2. At the clicking on post request option 'Guidelines for use of RTI ONLINE PORTAL' display may be shown. This screen contains various recommendations for the usage of RTI online portal. and people have to click at the checkbox 'I have examined and understood the above hints' and then click on at the submit button.


3. Then Online RTI Request Form display screen might be displayed. Ministry or Department for which the applicant wishes to document an RTI can be selected from the Select Ministry and other Department.

4. The applicant will obtain SMS alerts in case he/she affords a cell number. The fields marked * are compulsory at the same time as the others are optional.


1. Note down your username and password and do no longer divulge it to an unknown person

2. Do no longer ask a couple of queries at a time. For example, in case you are asking a question concerning passport, then ask the handiest the query related to it. Otherwise, there are possibilities of rejection of your RTI utility

3. Do not write in any format, in case of offline use prescribed layout of writing the utility on the plain paper. In the online application mention, the right information asked within the format.

4. In the case of offline RTI application recall attaching the RTI charges receipt that you pay as charges

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rti online second appeal or complaint rti for area development india




In India, a republican country where the government is of the people, by the people, it is the right of the common people to know about the significant decisions taken, appraisal and result of such decisions. Information is essential for every individual and Information is the Equipment with which the people can properly exercise their social, economic political rights.

RTI Act in India authorizes the people to have a safe and sound neighboring environment.

The local as well as central and state government is responsible for the security of the natural environment in your neighborhood, thus one can file online RTI application form to check the irregularities in the conservancy of the natural environment. and the second thing is the government school and colleges, many programs are managed by the government for the superior future of the students, the RTI application form can be used to check the disbursement of the funds and other related information. and the third thing is a regular supply of Electricity is the requirement of all areas. The Electricity board managed by the government comes under it and in India, RTI application can be filed opposite the electricity board to inquire about the bill generation, electricity providers, etc. Gram Panchayat, Municipal Corporation and other local bodies responsible for the public problems fall under the observation of the RTI act in India. and the fifth thing is the RTI application can be filed to check the status and implementation of the varied programs. The water supply, sanitation facility is the responsibility of local bodies. The government authorities liable for the same can be questioned under the RTI act in India.

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rti online second appeal or complaint file rti for fir status online india

File RTI for FIR Status Online

Status Online

FIR stands for First Information Report. We need to build absolutely everyone to realize that the Police are sure to Encourage the roles. As FIR is a public document, the copy of the FIR will be supplied to the Complainant. This underlying shape of FIR maybe won’t contain the police examination subtleties and the proof points of interest as collected through the police.

With the useful resource of RTI, we have got the right to know what's being documented as the first records report. RTI is a quality weapon to fight against corruption inside the police department. Police are bound to proportion the status of the FIR.

The First Information Report (FIR) is an important legal document to report a criminal offense to the police. It is required to be filed in situations like:

  • You lose your valuables and now need to claim insurance for the same, or

  • You lose documents like voter ID card, Driving License, Passports.

To stay privy to the reputation of the case, it very well can be composed of the police headquarters as well as the SHO to get the final duplicate of the FIR, which isn’t that simple.

Police don’t more regularly encourage the urge of residents inquiring for to recognize their documented FIR fame. In this way, RTI for FIR may be documented, and afterward, popularity may be checked for the recorded FIR.

Causes for Filing RTI in the case of FIR.

  • Since the crime is reported, then the FIR is filed.
  • Cognizable offenses: In the case of like murder, theft, rape, and so on.
  • If The person has to be arrested, FIR has to be lodged and the charge sheet must be prepared.
  • Non-cognizable offenses: In the case of like burglary, defamation, if the arrest warrant has been issued then, in that case, FIR can be lodged.
  • Missed important Documents: Passports, Voter’s ID, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving License. then you will file FIR.


RTI Fees to get FIR Status 

The government designated fee is INR 10. The RTI is to be addressed to the Public Information Officer of the concerned department. The maximum time period assigned for the information sought is thirty days after which the first appeal can be filed, addressing the first appellate authority. Failing a response a second appeal can be filed addressing the state information commissioner.

RTI Guru will aid you to file RTI to know about FIR Status details. 

How Can RTI Guru Help?

You can file FIR status RTI using RTI Guru Portal and we will draft your RTI request for FIR status as per the best RTI standards.

If you have already filed your RTI Application with us, then you can track the RTI Application status on our site.

We simplify the entire RTI filing process for you.

Fill the RTI Application For FIR Status Online . Read More
rti online second appeal or complaint rti application for municipal corporation india

RTI Application for

href=""> Municipal Corporation

Filing RTI Online is now trending today’s, as we feel in work within our best comfort. you can file RTI to all Public Authorities, like Ministries/Departments and some other Public Authorities of Central and State Government.

There are various cases relating to the issues of society in daily life. Most of the Civilians are Unaware of their Rights, hence, they must be educated regarding the same, and they can exercise their Rights through online RTI.

The RTI Application can be filed for various issues that Media is hiding and people are eager to know. issues include- Health Sanitation issues, Road Transport issues, Electricity outrages, State Transport Service, Road Connectivity, and so on.

Where to submit the RTI?

The Application can be filed to the Chief Municipal Officer and inquire into for them to transfer the Application to the respective Department as per the RTI Act.  Mainly you can call the Local Self Governing Institutes (Municipal Corporations, Nagar Palika, Nagar Panchayats, Zilla Parishad) where PIO are present in all departments and depend on the subject word they will be assigned.

The names of the related PIO/APIO should be present on the Website of the Municipality of all State, in case-relevant information are not accessible than the applicant dispatch it to the PIO or all other Relevant Public Authority. The Authority has to convey the Application within 5 Days if that application doesn’t belong to that specific department and before transferring they need the information to the Applicant about the transfer.

How can you write RTI Application?

In this case, the Applicant requirement addresses the particular issue and sends that to the proper address. The Applicant needs to write the RTI Application in a certain format. The language of the application can be Hindi or English or in the official language of the state in which the application is being built. accordingly, the government can also answer in either language. The questions should refer to just a subject matter and must be related to a Single Public Authority.

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rti online second appeal or complaint salary concerned information of employees has to be revealed under the rti india

Salary Concerned Information

of employees has to be revealed under The RTI.
Under the Central Information Commission, I just heard the appeal of an RTI applicant, who sought information related to the salary provided to a person and the disability certificate presented by him. The CPIO objected to giving information on these specific points of response after 57 days.

Several CIC orders and court judgments have held that Few phases of the salary of an employee can be revealed under the RTI Act.and also the Commissioner admitted that the salary information of employees in the department is to be revealed. The Commission further stated that opposing any such information, as the information of third parties is illegal and accordingly directed the defendant to provide complete information to the appellant within the next fifteen days.

Amount of Salary and the details of the pay scale of a public servant can be part of voluntarily disclosable information under Section 4(1)(b), whereas deductions, personal loans, details gross salary paid for a particular month or seeking a salary slip and residential addresses are not disclosable unless the larger public interest
is involved. If an RTI Application is filed for that information, the larger public interest has to be examined by the PIOs, Appellate Authorities and the Commission.
The information about the salary which is part of the ‘scale’ is public. The information for instance, about the deduction of installment for a personal loan, payments or savings made by public servants, expenditure details, etc is his personal information. As for whether he/she wants to give that private information to the
other people or not is the personal discretion of the people. Thus it becomes third party information as far as the people are concerned. The Commission holds that the information about the salary and pay the scale would serve the interest and purpose of maintenance rights of the people. Especially, when the people is seeking the salary information from the public authority where he/ she is working as a public servant, the public authority must render required assistance by providing necessary information to secure justice.

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rti online second appeal or complaint how to file online rti for gram panchayat india

How To File

Application as determinate underneath the RTI an Act addressed to the District Public Information Officer and Submit it in the considered necessary office of the Deputy Commissioner/ District Magistrate of your area. In that description the detailed statistics that you Seek and from which gram panchayat. You might wonder how to write RTI for Panchayat. Here are the steps you can follow to file RTI for Panchayat

Major Issues to file online RTI in Gram Panchayat.
  • Due to Poor Hospitality facilities in villages.
  • Poor Transport facility.
  • Due to enquire about the usage of the funds.
  • Enquire about the development of the village.
  • Enquirer about money has been Spend for work.
  • Enquirer about people are educated or Not.

How we can file Online RTI to Gram Panchayat?

Presently,  You can use our website RTI guru to report your requests for Gram Panchayat RTI online. We deal with the rest of the guidelines and regulations. We will arrange a callback and understand your doubts. We will then take the action and do the requisite to your behalf to ensure your RTI request arrives at the proper authority.


How to write RTI for Panchayat

IF you want to file RTI as regards your gram panchayat and want to know who is the first information officer.

We ‘ll let you know a simple way.

File the requisite application as prescribed under the RTI Act addressed to the District Public Information Officer and Sunit it in the requisite office of the Deputy Commissioner or District Magistrate of your area. In that mention the detailed information that you require and from which gram panchayat.

As a District Public Information Officer, he has to collect the requisite information and supply the same to you. Attach a Postal order of the value of Rs.10 and with the application.

The concerned office will issue a receipt and give you the date on which you can collect the information.

Send the application through registered AD post in case the said office tries to evade you.
Above is a bit of advice with the sole motive of guiding you to solve the issue in gram Panchayat.

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rti online second appeal or complaint file online rti against indian railway - step by step india

File online RTI

employees are very well trained on how to File RTI Online against Indian Railway. The employees who were employed in the Railway Rail Management Division of the Ministry of Finance are given the maximum expertise in RTI by the organization itself. RTI is a kind of right to information that makes a person have the opportunity to know the functioning of his government.

Apply for Online RTI Railway

While filing RTI in Railway Board, there are many questions that you need to know how to answer. These questions may be about any issue regarding the functioning of the Railways. It can also be about any financial matter or security related to the Railway. Here, you need to make sure that you file RTI against the Railway to get the right information.


To get the right information in RTI against Railway, you will need to make a Right to Information Application or RTI Application Form. This means that you need to make a request to the Railway Board for all the information that you want to know.

Easy Steps To File online RTI Against Indian Railway 

Before making an RTI against Railway, you need to know how to write an RTI Application or Right to Information Application. The following are some of the easy steps that you need to follow in order to file RTI against the Indian Railway.


- First of all, you need to send an email to the office of the Manager of RTI at the Railways. This is a short email that explains what is required for the RTI request. The longer and more detailed the email is, the more time the Railway Manager will take for answering your request.


- After receiving the mail that was sent to you by the Railway Office, you will have to go through it carefully and decide what information you require from the Railway Office for your RTI against Railway. You should make sure that the details that you have asked for are correct.


- Once you have decided on the details that you have wanted from the Railway Office, you can move forward with the RTI application. Once you send your request, the Request to the Board will be considered by the Railways.


- When the request is approved, you will get the RTI Answer from the Railways. You can then read through the reply that the Railway Office has given you for your RTI case.


- In case you have found some information that the Railway Office had not responded to you with, you need to then write back and ask for it. If the reply does not provide the information that you want, you can file a request for another reply.


- Once you have done the whole process, you can now sit and wait for the replies to come from the Railway Office. Do not expect the replies to come immediately, as the Railway Boards take time to make their replies.


- Once the replies from the Railway Board to come, you will need to put the replies in a document and file it with the Railway Board. This document is known as the RTI request.


- If you feel that you have not got all the information that you wanted from the Railway Office, you can still file an RTI against the Railway for further clarification. You should file the RTI request before you withdraw the original request.

If you want to file Railway RTI Application Form in Hindi then you can apply through us we will file Railway RTI Application Form in Hindi. Apply in your language we will draft your RTI application.

Apply for Online RTI Railway

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rti online second appeal or complaint how to use rti online application form india

How to Use

a lot of importance and the RTI Application form is one of the most important and helpful tools of the RTI Act. It helps in maintaining information about your various demands for personal information and that too with the help of a convenient application form and thus helping the public to know the rules and regulations about personal information.


The RTI Application form is quite large and there are many questionnaires and forms that are generally used to fill up the forms. The RTI Application form must be filled with all the required details. It would be better if you will use an online form as it would be easier to fill up the online application form.


Before filling up the RTI online application form, you should check out various guidelines of the RTI and be aware of them so that you will not face any problem while filling up the form. Read the entire directions carefully and be well informed of all the various regulations and instructions regarding the RTI Act.


Some countries also have their own RTI laws or rules, so it is wise to get into a proper understanding of these rules before filling up the RTI Application form. It is a wise decision to read the RTI rules carefully before filling up the RTI online form. You must be well aware of all the details mentioned in the regulations.


You must also keep in mind that the RTI application form is a legal document and hence must be handled properly by you or your organization. If you can overlook some of the important details and fill-up the form properly, then there is every chance that the application form will be sent back to you.


By making sure that you are well informed about the regulations and rules related to the RTI, you can avoid problems while filing the RTI application form. Even if you are aware of the rules and regulations regarding the RTI application form, you may be able to save time and money by filing the application form yourself instead of getting it filled up by the concerned officials of the organization.


How to use RTI online application form is a very easy task. There are many templates available on the internet, which you can use to fill up the RTI online status form.

Since you are already aware of the RTI laws, you can easily understand the format of the application form. The online form can be created in such a way that you do not have to go through all the details. Many templates can be used to fill up the form and that too with complete information.


There are many templates available on the internet which can be used to create an online form. If you have some basic knowledge of HTML coding and Adobe Acrobat then it is not that difficult to create an online form.


Many organizations can help you fill-up the online form of RTI. Most of these organizations work online and provide the service for free.


They can also help you fill-up the RTI online status form and help you understand the rules and regulations associated with the RTI Act. Hence if you feel that you are unable to fill-up the form, you can always seek help from these organizations and get it filled up.



These organizations are also helpful in providing help regarding the RTI Application form and many organizations can help you fill-up the application form quickly and conveniently. So there is no need to worry when it comes to filling up the form online.

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rti online second appeal or complaint child labouring india


are a lovely soul with a being, a nature and capacities of its own, who ought to be helped to locate them, to grow to be their maturity, right into a fullness of bodily and essential power and the maximum breadth, intensity and pinnacle of its emotional, intellectual and non-secular being; in any other case, there can’t be a wholesome boom of the Child exertions refer back to the exploitation of kids thru exertions of any length that deprives youngsters of their childhood, horn with the capability to attend ordinary school, and is mentally, physically, socially or morally harmful.

 Such exploitation is outlawed by law worldwide, even though these laws no longer take into account all the pictures of young people as low labour; Exceptions include the work of younger artists, the cycle of duties of relatives, supervised training, and some form of practice through Amish children, as well as assistance with indigenous children in Child labour, is variously present for the duration of history.

 During the previous centuries, many children, aged 5–14 negative households, worked similarly in Western international locations and their colonies. These children were particularly employed in statistics such as agriculture, home-based assembly operations, factories, mining and services. Boys - Some work lasts 12 hours at night.

With the increase in family income, availability of faculties and passage of child labour legal guidelines, the charges of child labour decreased. Among the poorest countries in the world, nearly one in 4 youth are engaged in child labour, the most widespread of which (29 per cent) live in sub-Saharan Africa.

 In 2017, Mali, Benin, Chad and Guinea-Bissau were seen in this country. More than 50 per cent of children are 5–14 working. Agriculture is the major commercial enterprise of child labour worldwide. The majority of small to one labour is placed in rural settings and contingent urban economies; Instead of factories, children are mainly hired by their parents. Poverty and lack of faculties are taken into consideration the primary motives of child labour.

Right To Education For Children

India to provide loose and mandatory education of all kids within the age group of six to fourteen years as a Fundamental Right in such a manner due to the fact the State may, the usage of law, determine. The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009, which describe the subsequent law envisaged under Article 21-A, a technique that each infant has a proper to full-time elementary education of wonderful and equitable fantastic in a formal college which satisfies certain vital norms and standards.

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rti online second appeal or complaint child custody and visitation rights india

Child Custody and

to separate after many years of their marriage, child custody and visitation forms an important aspect of the divorce proceeding. However, the matter of child custody is not as simple as it appears to be. It is an emotional and highly sensitive matter for both the parents. In case, the parents are divorced beforehand, living separately or are unmarried, the issue of child custody often turns around to be a complicated one.
However, legal custody is often related to legal matters and refers to a person’s right to make decisions about the child including health care, education, religion, and other important matters.

This is when parents who choose to fight over the child custody and visitation rights often choose to hire a child support attorney who will help them through the legal proceedings and make it easy to retain the custody of their child.
According to most of the state laws, the word “Custody” is defined as the responsibility of one or both the parents for the welfare of the child. Physical custody is what comes to your mind when the word custody is heard.
Every state defines their own law regarding family matters including child support and custody. As opposed to the popular belief, the family court does not favor a parent based on his or her gender; rather, the courts give their decision in favor of the best interest of the child.
Physical Custody
Physical custody often refers to a situation when the child lives with one of the parents for a majority of the time. This is alternatively referred to as residential custody.
Different types of Physical Custody Include:

  • Sole Physical Custody

The family court may grant one of the parents’ sole custody of the child. However, this does not mean that the other parent is barred from making the decisions together in the best interest of the child. With this type of custody, the child will physically reside with one of the parents; however, the non-custodial parent is also awarded visitation rights.

  • Joint Physical Custody

When neither of the parents wants to give up the custody of the child, the court may often see joint physical custody as a decent option. However, this may not be the case in every divorce proceeding. Joint physical custody is alternatively known as shared parenting and it involves the child to live with one parent for a set number of days and live with the other parent for a specific number of days. The number of days spent with each parent is approximately equal.

  • Bird Nest Custody

When neither of the parents can live with the child, the court may grant bird nest custody. In this situation, the child lives in a central location and parents come to visit him regularly. So, if the father is living with the child from Monday morning to Thursday evening, the mother can come on Thursday evening and stay until Monday morning.
Legal Custody
Legal custody refers to a situation when the authorities take the major decision in the life of your child. For instance, these major decisions can include deciding the school that the child will attend, what type of religious upbringing the child will receive and other similar vital decisions.
The options included in legal custody are:

  • Sole Legal Custody

The parent who has won the sole legal custody of the child is the only person who has the rights to take major decisions in his life. These decisions generally include healthcare, education and religion decisions.

  • Joint Legal Custody

Joint Legal Custody is when the judge doesn’t give preference to a single parent to solely make decisions in the best interest of the child. However, here it must be noted that the parents can share joint legal custody without having the joint physical custody of the child. In simple words, the co-parents will be sharing the legal custody; however, the child can reside primarily with one parent while the other regularly visits him.
The parent-child visitation rights allow a parent to regularly visit his child even when he does not own the physical custody. This makes it easy for the child as well as the parent to see each other more often.
The different types of visitation rights include:

  • Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation refers to legal orders, supervised and scheduled contact between the parent and the child. So, a responsible adult must be present along with the parent and the child throughout the duration of the visit. In certain cases, the court may even allow the noncustodial parent to pick up an individual who will serve as the supervisor during the visit.

  • Unsupervised Visitation

This is one of the most common types of visitation practised by parents. The noncustodial parent is allowed to take his own children without the supervision of an adult. The parent is allowed to take the children to his home or somewhere else where both the parties can spend some time. However, under certain circumstances, the visitation may have some limitations.

  • Virtual Visitation

With the advancement in technology, parents are finding different ways to connect with their kids without being physically present. Virtual visitation generally takes place with the help of video conferencing technology. While it is not the best way to connect with your child, it still offers you a chance to talk to your children when you live far away or travel constantly due to work.
While some people can agree to divorce their partner on a mutual basis, some divorces can really turn ugly. This is when it is important to hire a child lawyer to make sure the decision is made in the best interest of the child.
There is no perfect solution to addressing this sensitive issue. Partners who choose to separate must place the child’s custody on priority so that he can enjoy a normal and healthy lifestyle. So whether a single parent chooses to retain the custody or both the parents choose to co-parent the child even after divorce, the ultimate decision should be taken by keeping the children in mind.  

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rti online second appeal or complaint rti application for income tax refund india

RTI application for

RTI application for income tax refund?
We have seen numerous ways to recognize your income tax refund status within short periods. But if you feel that just verdict out online status is not assisting you and you want to now obtain clarification regarding your tax refund status, the next step is to file RTI application alongside income tax department. We have seen how EPF matters which were waiting for years, obtain solved within weeks and months of filing RTI application against EPFO. The similar can also occur in case of income tax refund but you ought to wait for at least a year previous to you file for RTI against the income tax section.
What Procedure use of Filing RTI Application?

  • The RTI claim has to be addressed to the CPIO, who is the same as your assessing office of your ward or circle where you organized your IT return, in which you claimed repayment.
  • File detaches RTI applications for dissimilar year’s single application for every year.
  • As said by the “people contract” of the IT section, they usually take 9 months to the procedure and give repayments, as counted from the end of the month in which you submitted your go back. There is no point in filing an RTI Application previous to nine months is above.
  • The first name and Address of the CPIO (assessing officer) can be gained from Income Tax India
  • The IPO for Rs. 10.00 can be acquired from the adjoining Post Office.
  • For supervision on how to tender your RTI Application
  •  The PIO has 30 days from the date he obtains your RTI Application, to provide you the information. Put in another 5 or 10 days for postal delays.
  • If you do not obtain a reply from the PIO within 40 to 45 days from sending the RTI Application, it can be securely unspoken that the PIO is not going to respond and give you the details you required.
  • Details of the First Appellate Authority can be obtained from the same website, from which you obtained the details of the CPIO.
  • The First Appeal has to be filed within 60 days of the date of your RTI Application.

What ought to you inquire while filing RTI?

  • You must ask for name and description of the officer who is imaginary to method your income tax refund claim.
  • As well ask for the officer bureaucrat address and his contact number
  • Also, ask for how long the repayment is pending with the officer and the cause for the hindrance.
  • Ask if some senior authority has instructed for the delay and the certified copies if any require.
  • Also ask for the name, telephone number, and address of the higher officer with whom you can file the first request.

If you have been to come for your tax repayment for years, it’s the time to file an RTI claim for it and locate out why your income tax repayment has been late for so long.

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rti online second appeal or complaint passport delays india



A passport is a travel document that is issued by the countries Government. The document is used for International travel and usually used to verify an individual’s identity, nationality, name, and sometimes biometrics. Every country has its unique way of issuing the document to the public.

In India, the passport is issued either online or offline and as per the current system “Tatkal” passport arrives in 7 to 14 days and normal passports arrive in 30 to 45 days. Due to varied or unknown reasons the passports can get delayed and in search of appropriate reasons for delay applicants had to run from post to pole but this was before the commencement of RTI Act 2005.

Certain issues in Passport Delay

There are certain issues in Passport Delay. The passport delay issue comes below the zone of RTI as it's far facilitated through a public authority. And as most of you would know, it's miles pretty commonplace problem with many candidates and you in no way get a clean answer for such a delay. It can cross on for a long duration of time with none movement taken to speed up the procedure.

The delay could be caused because of a large range of reasons, you may have applied, but have no longer acquired any answer, your police verification is probably pending, or the report might not have reached the RPO and lots of more. The pleasant approach to speed up the system and get a powerful answer would be filing an RTI application.

Still, ready to receive your deal with proof on your passport utility to be processed? City police have a motive for the lack of manpower. The police receive about 19,000 verification requests every month.

In police verification with evidence submitted by passport candidates, Put is often convicted through the Regional Passport Office for postponing the document to a problem.

RTI you could get the details about the purpose why the passport is not on time, and you could inquire your query through filing an RTI to the External Affairs and Government of India. And as in keeping with RBI norms, the branch is bound to give the reply within 30 days

Easy to File Online  RTI For Passport Delay

There is a simple manner of making use of RTI in case of delayed passport online thru www.Rtiguru.Com and record RTI.
You can easily visit our web page RTIGURU and firstly you could sign in and then Fill the Form with the details and click on the Next button.

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rti online second appeal or complaint the new way of justice india

The New Way

to Information Act 2005, passed on 15 June 2005 provides rights to all citizens of India to access and demand any type of required information to any government body. The application of requests by the public has to be processed and reverted by the authorities with required adequate information within a time of thirty days.

The Act covers the whole of India except the Jammu and Kashmir. The objective of the Right to Information Act is to empower the citizens, ensure accountability, and promote transparency among the public regarding the working of the Government. The Act is a big step to keep the public informed and give then vigil instruments to keep track of Governmental work.

The first RTI Online application after the commencement of Act was submitted by Shahid Raza Burney to a police station in Pune - Dated 12 October 2005, since that day RTI is used and it serves as a great advantage to the public. RTI has a lot of uses and benefits, one such benefit of RTI is for students.

All over India students require help, need information related to various things such as Marks providing criteria, verification of answer sheets, teacher-student ratio, and much more. The biggest issue that is a concern of students is Marks providing criteria and answer sheet verification. 


Students from even before the commencement of RTI used to stay in a dilemma concerning the marks they have obtained. No matter the examination, the marks obtained are and have always been under discussion. There are various cases available of Bright students obtaining fewer marks and students failing in examination without any specific reasons. In all such cases, RTI can help you find the truth.

RTI for Mark sheets & Competitive Exams: 

There are many students, who get dissatisfied whenever the examination results are out. The same happens when results of any competitive examinations get announced this may be because of scoring fewer marks or failing due to no reason. In such cases, students can use RTI to cross-check their answer sheets and OMR sheets that are used in Competitive examinations. If discrepancies are found in answer sheets RTI can be used to take proper action. You can easily file Online RTI through the RTIGuru.

As per The Supreme Court of India ruling - Students who require inspecting their answer sheet are allowed to do so under the “RTI Act 2005” and any by-laws or rules of Education Board/Examination Board can’t prevent them. 

Description: RTI the new vigil instrument helps students in obtaining answer sheets of any examination any board to cross-check and verify their performance.

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rti online second appeal or complaint marksheet verification india

Marksheet Verification

Marksheet verification?

RTI act online helps people a lot who seek information through public information officer. You can also verify marksheet through RTI Guru with the help of RTI act online.
The need for Marksheet Verification and certificate verification has become one of the most ordinary matters at hand for students. Marksheet confirmation is necessary for the students to make sure they are not embittered by any false university working in India. Yet managers and distance learning pupils can file an online RTI to confirm the certificates about the legitimacy of an organization. Moreover, the main reason at the back RTI for Marksheet through pupils is too apparent the worries that happen to owe to the inconsistency of mark sheets. Anything your requirement is, under the Right To Information Act, you can inquire the confirmation of the credentials and mark sheets from the individual university as the credentials fall under the monarchy of information as said by RTI and you can easily file Online RTI through the RTIGuru.You can also say that we are a degree verification agency in India that helps students to verify degrees from the university.

Marksheet RTI can be filed if you have the subsequent issues:
  • Want  to know whether a mark sheet is real or fake

Any government academia is a public power, therefore RTI is appropriate. In the case of private campus, you would have to move toward the public organization or public ability which has decided association with the university. You could get a range of information about the realness of the degree or the information of the association that is specified to the institution of higher education. You can also get the certified copies of the proceedings.

Concerning GATE Exam
GATE is demeanor by a public ability; therefore, it is under the realm of RTI. In case you want to get copies of answer sheets or mark sheets, you could get them. The criterion for the assessment of answer sheets as well as the mode in which such details maintained is topic to accessibility. According to RTI, the information which is preserved and available with the power is revealed however the formation of such details not in the realm of RTI.

Apply for UGC RTI online

10th and 12th State Board or CBSE Marksheet
State Boards and CBSE is a public ability, therefore it is within the ambit of RTI. If in any case you have absent or misplaced the mark sheet then you can get certified copies of applicable credentials or mark sheets by filing an RTI application. If you want an online RTI request form then click here

Verification of Marksheet by Employers
If you are an owner and worried about the genuineness of the mark sheet offered by a person looking for employment, you can File an online RTI Application. But getting such information that is associated to another someone comes under the realm of third-party information and it is excused from revelation but for assured circumstances:

  • If you have the endorsement of the individual
  • If by revealing the information, large public attention is provided.
  • If you are not capable to complete the above condition, then you cannot obtain the information.

Whilst writing it, you ought to stay at the proper layout of filing an online RTI. The single tiny error can result in the negative response of an RTI request. This mode of applying is boring has several disadvantages and is sustained. It might result in a broad variety of mistakes. There may be assured language barricades that may result in shocking communication too. If you want an online RTI request form then click here

Apply for UGC RTI online

How do I file Online RTI for Marksheet confirmation?

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rti online second appeal or complaint the main door to fight corruption india

The Main door

- The Main door to Fight Corruption
September 28 celebrated as an international day. Besides the reality that India has won its fight for independence in 1947 making the democratic system its weapon, unluckily, the truth was something else. In India, following a nationwide movement led by waged people and public society associations, the Government approved a milestone RTI Act in 2005. It is an Act to give for setting out the practical command of the right to information for people. Right to Information mandates timely response to people's requirements for Government information. It is a proposal taken by the Department of Personnel and Training, Ministry of workers, Public complaints, and Pensions to give an RTI portal Gateway to citizens for rapid search of information. For the duration of the last decade, many countries have passed legislation on the liberty of information. In India, the Official Secrets Act 1923 was enacted to protect the official secrets. The new law intends to disclose information replacing the culture of confidentiality. It will endorse public answerability which will trim the misconducts, mismanagement, mistreatment of carefulness and corruption, etc.

File RTI Complaint Online

Here is the complete information regarding RTI! Keep reading…

  • Objectives:

The objective of RTI is to authorize the people, endorse transparency and answerability in the functioning of the Administration. The Act is a huge step towards making the people knowledgeable about the actions of the Administration.

  • Effect of the Right To Information:

Whilst the debate on corruption in the country rages on, the Right to Information Act is quick growing as an effectual anti-corruption instrument. Where Right to Information has been used by journalists and the media, the rule has the broad support of users. Previously, the right to liberty of language and appearance is decided under Article 19(1) of the establishment, but it is a necessary fair and well-organized process to take the liberty of information job. The case studies and media news shows that the Right to Information is being used to restore individual complaints, right to use entitlements such as pension and Ration Cards. The RTI has a smooth way for a well-versed electorate which would make stronger the self-governing Administration of India. With the help of this Act, you can use your expressions, right to speech, and manage the government actions efficiently. The thought of open government is becoming realism with the accomplishment of the RTI Act. The RTI can be called an achievement only if the system of government believes that they have legitimate to serve.

  • Provisions Of RTI:

Section 3, says all people shall have the Right to Information. The Act implements a responsibility upon the public establishment to reveal all information. In Section 4(2) states that every public ability shall take steady steps to grant information to the public. Therefore, the authorities have to give information willingly so that the public has the last resort to using this Act. The public authorities also have to information broadly in any form which is simply available to the public.

  • Criticism:

The Act has been disparaged on several bases. It gives for information on demand but does not sufficiently strain information on topics associated with water, food, surroundings, and other continued existence requirements. It does not emphasize active interference in humanizing citizens regarding their rights to access information. One more thing is allowing for file noting except those related to social and development projects to be excused. File noting is very important when it comes to the policy-making of the government.

File RTI Complaint Online

Bypassing the RTI, India has enthused from opaque and random system of Administration to the establishment of an era where there will be better clearness and to a system where the inhabitant will be authorized. Online Right To Information helps a lot of people to fetch information from Government Authorities.

File Online Right To Information (RTI)

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