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How To File RTI for Haryana?

What do you do while a street light hasn’t been permanent for years, your passports have been late or a road construction has been going on for months without any development. Even though when you haven’t got your IT reimbursement the answer is easy you file an RTI. As per the Right to Information Act 2005, each Indian resident has the right to ask for detail from a public ability if he or she wishes to do so. Here are the steps for filing an RTI if you are a tenant of Haryana. You have two options for filing RTI Haryana both of them are described below:

RTI Haryana - Filing the Application in Offline Mode 

Recognize the department to which your RTI Application Request in Haryana should be addressed to

The essential step towards filing an RTI is to identify the section to which the RTI Application has to be addressed. The RTI should be filed to the section which can give the information raised for in the application. For instance, if the matter is a public issue such as street light issue, garbage issue, water problem, and so on the RTI should be filed addressed to the Municipal Corporation of the region.

Write the RTI Haryana Application carefully

Firstly, you know the department goes on towards writing your RTI Haryana application. The following tips should be kept in mind whilst writing the application it is preferable to write the application in the layout prescribed by the Haryana Government. You can locate a form here:

But the format isn’t compulsory; you can also submit the application on a plain piece of paper. You can put the queries in Hindi or English. Likewise, the government can reply in both languages. Make sure that the questions asked are directed towards a single concern. If you have more than one problem that needs to be raised, it is advised to file several RTIs. For the reason that too many issues addressed in a single RTI will construct the application complex to understand which can eventually lead to refusal. For instance, you wish to ask about the status of your postponed passports, put questions related completely to your passport matter.

For more, you can verify the executive rules by Haryana for filing an RTI, here

Attach Payment with the Application

The procedure of filing an RTI Application won’t be completed until reimbursement has been attached with the RTI Haryana application. Attach Rs.50 in the form of court fee stamp with your request.

Send the application

According to the rules of the Haryana government, the RTI Haryana application has to be sent through speed post or registered post.
RTI Haryana - Filing the Application in Online

Presently, there isn’t any service available with the government of Haryana in which citizens can file an application online. You do have another option of filing RTI Haryana online by using RTI guru. Our website makes sure that your application reaches the authorities; all you need to do is fill up a simple form. Firstly, you fill the form with all your details, your part is complete. It is our job to make sure that your RTI application has reached its goal. Our team of legal experts makes it a point that your application stands no possibility of negative response.