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4 Simple Steps to file RTI online
4 Simple Steps to file RTI online

4 Simple Steps to file RTI online

Want to file RTI? But don’t know how to file RTI Online?

Don’t Worry! We will help you with 4 simple steps to file an RTI online. 

Do you know what RTI is?

Well RTI is Right to Information Act of the Parliament of India which sets out the guidelines and methodology concerning residents' right to information. It replaced the previous Freedom of Information Act, 2002.
Every individual has the right to get information from the government. A normal citizen can keep an eye on public authorities’ activities to fight against corruption. If you also want to get some information don’t hesitate you can file RTI online.
There are generally three ways of RTI filing:

  • Online RTI
  • Through Registered Post
  • In-Person

In this blog, you’ll learn about how to file RTI online. RTI filing is the easy process if you know what exactly you need to do to file RTI online. Here are 4 simple steps to file RTI online:
Step 1: Login/Register at RTI Guru with all the basic details like; Name, Email, Mobile No., Country etc. and verify your email and mobile no. by entering OTP.
Step 2: Go to Apply Now and choose the category of your RTI. Whether it is Personal, Social or other RTI
Step 3: Fill the form and hit submit
Step 4: Choose your plan and proceed
Now sit back and relax. Your RTI has been filed. Not only this you can also track your RTI. Click here to track your RTI application.
So simple, isn’t it? So now you don’t have to go through the typical process of filing RTI. Just follow these steps and file RTI online.
If you still have any confusion then reach us we will help you with how to file RTI online.
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