File RTI for FIR Status
File RTI for FIR Status

File RTI for FIR Status

RTI for FIR Status

FIR stands for First Information Report. We need to build absolutely everyone to realize that the Police are sure to Encourage the roles. As FIR is a public document, the copy of the FIR will be supplied to the Complainant. This underlying shape of FIR maybe won’t contain the police examination subtleties and the proof points of interest as collected through the police.

With the useful resource of RTI, we have got the right to know what's being documented as the first records report. RTI is a quality weapon to fight against corruption inside the police department. Police are bound to proportion the status of the FIR.

To stay privy to the reputation of the case, it very well can be composed of the police headquarters as well as the SHO to get the final duplicate of the FIR, which isn’t that simple.

Police don’t more regularly encourage the urge of residents inquiring for to recognize their documented FIR fame. In this way, RTI for FIR may be documented, and afterward, popularity may be checked for the recorded FIR.


Causes for Filing RTI in the case of FIR.

  • Since the crime is reported, then the FIR is filed.
  • Cognizable offenses: In the case of like murder, theft, rape and so on.
  • If The person has to be arrested, FIR has to be lodged and the charge sheet must be prepared.
  • Non-cognizable offenses: In the case of like burglary, defamation, if the arrest warrant has been issued then, in that case, FIR can be lodged.
  • Missed important Documents: Passports, Voter’s ID, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving License. then you will file FIR.