If masses want to know about the information regarding how the government is doing then “Right to information” act is available there to assist them.

Online portal- A service for filling right to information application! We draft your application according to the rules, locate the right PIO address, pay the amount by using PIO or Demand Draft and send the application by speed post.

You will receive registered post tracking link beside with the soft copy of your application. As your application goes throughout different stages in our drafting procedure, you will be informed about the progress.

No, Online first demand can only be filed next to before filed online RTI application.

Right to Information act guarantees that the PIO should reply to an application within 30 days. But in several cases, users never get the information required. However, in the scenario, where the information was not given, you can file for the first appeal.

After you file the application and pay the fees, we will draft the application as per RTI rules and file the application on your behalf. You will obtain the information by post from the apprehensive power within 30 days.

The government officer handling RTI is called Public Information Officer. PIO reacts to Right to Information applications and sends openly to applicants address mentioned in the RTI application.

Yes, we allow RTI applications in Hindi. You can write your problem in plain Hindi and we will pay attention to the whole thing.

Firstly, 30 days from the date of application and 48 hours for information related to the life and liberty of a person. Moreover, 5 days added to the above response time, in case the application for information is given to Assistant Public Information Officer.

Password encryption is a safety measure so, please do not get confused. Whenever you enter your password it gets encrypted instantaneously. Whereas when you registering your account gently provide the same password in two fields such as password & confirm password field respectively.

Whenever you forget your password then use the “Forget Password” service to renew password. It might be prominent that new password would be sent to your registered email ID.