EPF Status

EPF Status

EPF Status

EPF Status
EPFO has an EPF complaint Redressed Cell which takes care of your complaints. Therefore, it is forever enhanced to start your grievance with EPFO before filing RTI. While you file an RTI for EPF, there are a few extremely vital points you ought to keep in mind, since in case you don’t take care of several very grave points, it would denote negative response of your application and needless work once more.
Here are Some Important Points Remember while filing RTI Application:

  • Address your RTI application to PIO; do not deal with the PIO by his name, because remove of present PIO can initiate the unrequited request.
  • Verify your EPF status previous to filing RTI
  • Be exact while locating your questions across; don’t write very large points as few states refuse your application above a particular word limit.
  • Make sure the submission fees for RTI as it differs from state to state.
  • Receive a photocopy of the RTI form previous to transmitting for extra orientation.
  • Affix proof of credentials (if required) with the RTI application.
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