MP Funds Utilization

MP Funds Utilization

MP Funds Utilization

You have a right to know what your MP is using government funds for.

As you know there is lot to be done to bring accountability, transparency, and to diminish latency, membership, and bribery of State or Central Institutions. File Online RTI will assist you to file RTI to know MP Funds. Government elected fee is INR 10/-. The Right to Information is to be addressed to the Public Information Officer of the concerned section. The utmost time period allocated for the information required is thirty days after which first request can be filed addressing the appellate ability. Failing a response a second request can be filed addressing the state information representative. File RTI Guru will assist you in filing the RTI to know about MP Fund information. You can file MP Fund RTI using our website to ensure we draft your application as per RTI Act 2005 best do. RTI Guru know how to assist you to obtain a response on what your chosen representatives are spending on and whether proposed development projects are an occurrence. File an RTI online and obtain to know the information

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"I really appreciated the quick response from Online RTI. Within a week I got government information. Normally when we ask for information they avoid us and we have to wait months. It�s so hectic. I would recommend this service to everybody."

Ranjith Chanrashekar

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1. Passport Details

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After your approval, our logistics team will send your RTI application via registered post to passport department directly.
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Passport department will respond directly to you within 2-5 weeks.



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