Passport Delay

Passport Delay

Passport Delay

Has your passport application still not gone through?
The passport delay matter comes under the monarchy of RTI as it is assisted by a public ability. As well as most of you would be familiar with, it is the attractive ordinary matter with a large number of candidates and you never obtain an apparent answer for such a wait. It can go on for a long period of time exclusive of any action taken to speed up the method. The delay could be caused because of a large number of reasons, you might have applied, but at rest have not received any answer, the report may not have reached the RPO, or your police verification might be pending, and many more. The finest way out to accelerate the process and obtain an efficient reply would be filing an RTI application. You can file an RTI application in accordance with the kind of delay. RTI Guru can assist you to locate the rank of your passport, clear it, and assist you to obtain it back quicker.

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