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How To File RTI For Maharashtra?

The RTI Act, 2005 is appropriate in all the states of India excluding the states of Jammu and Kashmir. But every state differs in conditions of completion of the Act and each state has a different strategy when it comes to filing an RTI application. If you wish to implement your right to information and are a tenant of Maharashtra, following steps are mentioned below in order to fruitfully file an RTI application in Maharashtra.

RTI Maharashtra - Offline Method to File Application

Mainly two ways are provided to file an RTI in Maharashtra, follow the steps in below, in categorize to file an RTI application in offline mode.

Identify the department to which your RTI Maharashtra query should be sent:

Firstly, identify the section to which the RTI Application should be sent. This is a very important step as revealing the incorrect section could lead to refusal of your RTI Application. Therefore, carefully recognize which department you wish to remove the information from. For instance, all public matters such as street lights, water problem, garbage, building permission in cities are under Individual Corporation. For example, for a city like Pune or Nagpur, it is the municipal corporation of the city - Nagpur Municipal Corporation or Pune Mahanagarpalika, respectively.

Write your questions in the Application:

Once you know the section, start with writing the RTI Application. Ensure to ask straight and clear questions so that the application is easier to understand. Asking the incorrect questions too could lead to refusal. Furthermore, ensure you follow the suitable layout of the application as approved by the Government of Maharashtra. You can be able to write the application in Marathi or English language plus will obtain the response in Marathi or English. There is a separate format for RTI Form in Marathi. Also, keep in mind, the entire number of words in your RTI Application from Maharashtra should not be more than 150.

Pay the fees for your RTI Maharashtra Application:

As said by the Maharashtra Government, the application fee for RTI Maharashtra is Rs.10. Attach the fee in the form of Court Fee Stamp.

Submit the application:

Once the beyond declared steps are taken care of, you require to only sending your application through speed post or registered post.

RTI Maharashtra - Online Method to File Application

Maharashtra government does have a choice for filing the RTI online and you know how to do it from here. But there are a small number of matters with it, primarily being it doesn't hold up all the sections. For example, you cannot file an Online RTI request related to any Municipal organizations. Moreover, there are matters with whom to address and how to write your questions, such that they are not discarded is always a worry among users trying to file RTI request in Maharashtra. The exchange method to submit RTI Maharashtra application online is with us. Just click here, to apply online. You fill up an easy form in very simple English. We will then call you back and appreciate the RTI request in detail and take care of the rest of the rules and regulations.