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How To File RTI for Tripura?

How To File RTI for Tripura?

We citizens of India are tired of gradual government work, corruption with government assistance and overdue response from the government. Therefore, the Right to Information Act, 2005 is added to the action for common people, so that they can be conscious of their basic fundamental rights. The act allows people to use energy and they can take advantage of any figures from the government where the government is accountable to humans, a concern for certain conditions. Similarly, Tripura has a strong tool for exposing and fighting corruption. Knowledge is power. RTI has made residents effective by providing knowledge to the common people. Under this Act, every person can ask any type of figures from the authorities.

In May 2005, the countrywide Right to Information Act 2005 become handed through Parliament. The RTI Act 2005 received Presidential assent on 15 June and got here absolutely into force on 12 October 2005. (For more records on the passage of the RTI Act 2005 and implementation at the countrywide level, click on here.) The RTI Act 2005 covers all Central, State and neighbourhood government bodies and applies to the State Government of Tripura. The General Administration (Administrative Reforms) Department, Government of Tripura notified a new set of regulations in exercising of the powers conferred with the aid of Section 27 of the Right to Information The Tripura Right to Information Rules, 2008 turned into published within the official gazette on 4 February 2008 and got here into force from that date. An unofficial Bengali translation of Tripura RTI Rules 2008 has been prepared to utilize CHRI. The Tripura Government has started imposing the RTI Act 2005. The Government has issued the Tripura Right to Information Rules, 2005.

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Pay the fees for the RTI application

By and large, all the states have a primary rate of INR 10 for fundamental information. The law orders that the information have to take delivery of in 30 days and if it's far rejected, the Public Information Officer or his/her proportionate will convey the explanation in the back of dismissal, if this does not occur, he can document an appeal. The first call on should be addressed to 'The Appellate Authority' with the call of the office/branch and the address. The Appellate Authority is entitled to respond in 30 days from the date of receipt of the appeal. On the off hazard that the Appellate Authority neglects to answer, additionally, 2d Appeal can be filed with the Information Commission, the Chief Information Commissioner, State/Central Information Commission. Our services cowl all of the districts of Tripura.

How to file RTI Online in Tripura?

Presently, the Tripura government does no longer offer any desire for filing RTI Tripura online. You can use our website RTI guru to report your RTI requests for Tripura online. We deal with the rest of the guidelines and regulations. We will arrange a callback and understand your doubts. We will then take the attraction and do the requisite to your behalf to ensure your RTI request arrives at the proper authority.

The list of Tripura Government Departments:

  • Agriculture Department
  • Finance Department
  • Animal husbandry Department
  • Department of climate change
  • Department of women and child
  • Department of food civil supplies
  • Rural Development Department
  • Forest and ecology, Environment Department
  • Health and Medical Department
  • Labour and Employment Department
  • Transport Department
  • Tourism Department
  • Social welfare Department
  • Industry and Commerce Department
  • Department Of culture
  • Election Department
  • Hospitality & protocol Department
  • Department of Electronics and communication
  • Department of roads and building
  • Department of higher education
  • Infrastructure and Investment Department
  • Backward Classes and welfare Department