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How to file RTI to get answer sheet?
While the RTI Act has offered for this astonishing facility to learners, learners are still not conscious that they can use RTI for this reason. The ones that are familiar with regarding this custom of RTI are indistinct regarding the right course to file this RTI. Whilst the learners don’t know the correct way to send the application, the possibility of the application getting discarded becomes fairly high.

Who can ask for evaluated answer copy under RTI?
Every Indian people can look for information under RTI. There is no lawful constraint for students under the age of 18 years. In case the candidate is slight, the guards of the slight can also file RTI on minor’s behalf. This act for candidate departmental exams, benefits college students, professional exams, and public service exams.

Where do I submit my answer copy/or answer sheet RTI?
The Public establishment is necessary to protect and give this information every time a student demands it. Public Authorities will comprise educational institutions, colleges, and expert examination schools. All these institutions have to sign up citizens as Public Information Officers or Assistant Public Information Officers. Usually the Names of PIO, APIO can be getting from the Website of Institution.

How should I write my Answer Copy RTI?
Filing RTI for Answer Sheet or OMR Answer Sheet is fairly an easy process. You require writing your application with the questions you desire answered. For the application, you can use a simple sheet of paper. You don’t have to give details why you require the information you are asking for. The application must not go beyond 500 words. The application can be written in Hindi, English, or the official language of the nation. It is always suitable to create the language in official and clear language.


How do I pay for my Answer Sheet RTI?
Once you are complete with addressing your application to the correct PIO or APIO and writing your questions in the right format, you require paying for your application. Send your application besides with the charge at the designated address of the PIO or APIO. The public ability desires to respond sufficiently in 30 days of receiving your appeal. You also require affixing a few documents and provide some information about your individuality.

While 30 Days have beyond but I am yet to obtain a response, can I file a request?
If 30 days have gone and you have still not received your information, it is careful that the PIO or APIO has rejected to provide you information. You can request this verdict in 30 days to the officer superior to PIO. The first appeal has to be done within 30 days. The second appeal can be filed in 90 days beside the decision of the second appellate power with the Chief Information Commission. The decision of CIC is final and compulsory.

How do I file RTI for Evaluated Answer Sheet Online?
Filing RTI for receiving answer copy and OMR answer sheet is a very efficient way to solve the problems of lakhs of students. Generally, students obtain very good results when they file this type of RTI. If you don’t desire to go through tiresome government developments and schedule at the Post Office, you can apply a simple substitution. There is a solution for the students who don’t want to get into the whole process and just want their results. You can file your RTI online at RTI guru in five minutes.